Stress. Worry. Anxiety. One can lead to the next . . . and the next.

Nearly all of us experience feelings of worry and anxiety from time to time, and this is completely natural when we’re going through difficult circumstances—those especially stressful times in our lives like changing jobs or moving to a new community—like the death of a loved one or a serious illness. Worry and anxious feelings can even happen as you anticipate positive life changes like planning your wedding or preparing for the birth of a child. Exciting times like weddings, new babies, and even vacations can lead to a range of emotions . . . from excitement and happiness—even extreme giddiness, to worry and anxiety. It’s important to note that a wide range of emotions is normal; but having just one “go-to” emotion like worry indicates a lack of balance.

Also, having high levels of anxiety occasionally is very different from experiencing anxiety every day—anxiety that isn’t brought on by unusually stressful times. In this situation, we’d recommending seeking help to deal with anxiety from a mental health perspective.

In either case—whether you’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder . . . or you’re just experiencing a short-term situation that’s causing anxiety, perhaps it’s time to give homeopathy a try.

A blog post at references a trial by J. Davidson and S. Gaylord: “According to recent trials homeopathy is just as effective as diazepam (Valium) and benzodiazepine (Lorazepam or Ativan) at treating nervousness and anxiety disorders but without addictive or harmful side effects.” The same post goes on to share similar findings in another study by J. Davidson, R. Morrison, J. Shore and others, explaining that “60% of participants with major depression, social phobias, or panic disorders responded favourably to homeopathic treatment.” Read more here.

At Body Healing Power, Dawn has worked with many people—those with both diagnosed and undiagnosed feelings of anxiety. If you’re struggling with worry or anxiety, call today to schedule your half-hour Complimentary Health & Healing Strategy Session. We’ll discuss what has worked for you in the past—and what has not worked. We’ll also discuss what your triggers are, and whether homeopathy, CranioSacral, Massage, or other modalities would be the best fit for you.

Dawn’s extensive knowledge of homeopathy and natural healing is absolutely amazing! She takes the time to listen to her clients and truly cares about each and every person she heals.” – Angela Lallemont, Attorney


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Anxiety and Panic Attacks Tamed by Homeopathy