bathtub spoutRebuilding and maintaining health is what we’re all about at Body Healing Power. Now, we’ve all heard that type 2 diabetes is on the rise, but there are many things that can be done to control diabetes. Of course, we would first tell you to follow your MD’s recommendations; but we’d like to offer some natural assistance, too. First, alternating hot and cold baths or soaks are good for stimulating circulation, but be sure to avoid drastic temperature extremes that could cause burns or frostbite.

In addition, Prescription for Natural Cures, a book written by two MDs and a Naturopathic Doctor, recommends antioxidants, biotin to help with glucose metabolism, and B vitamins to help with sugar metabolism and symptoms such as neuropathy. As far as foods are concerned, the book recommends garlic to help stabilize blood sugar, reduce risk of heart disease, and reduce bad cholesterol.

Body Healing Power also offers services for the diabetic patient. For example, massage and reflexology both improve blood flow, which can help to ward off the dreaded foot ulcers. Maintaining good circulation is key to keeping healthy. In addition, we can be a good resource for stress reduction techniques. Please contact us so we can find what type of stress relief may be the most helpful for you. We look forward to helping you attain and maintain your best possible level of health! Remember at Body Healing Power we help your body heal itself naturally.