champagne toast, addiction3 ways in Which Homeopathy Can Help with Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Addiction is very hard to get over and to recover from. It is as dependent on psychological factors as it is on the physical needs of the body. Alcohol or drug addiction takes time to develop and is very strong in most cases. It is spread over 3 stages; the first stage is the casual use of the substance which leads to tolerance when consumed regularly and in increasing amounts. This then leads to dependence on the substance. Without consuming huge amounts of drugs or alcohol, the person cannot function. This addiction severely disturbs the user’s daily routine, personal life, health, and workability.

People have to take medical as well as psychological help to get rid of addiction. However, one should know that the methods of dealing with addiction are not limited to medical science and psychological assistance only. Homeopathy can also be used to fight the addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Alcohol and drug detoxification can be done through homeopathic medicines and different therapies are practiced according to the type of addiction, severity, and the results required. The entire addiction therapy through homeopathic approach not only focuses on addressing just the physical ailments, but also those of psychological nature as well. However, it is needless to say that you will need a professional to help you as it requires an in-depth understanding of the condition, the possible complications and how to deal with them if they were to arise. Someone with years of experience and knowledge like Dawn Bennett from Body Healing Power is best suitable to approach in this regard. She can help and guide you to tackle all kinds of addictions.

The general process of battling addiction through homeopathy involves medication from natural sources and some kind of relaxing technique, such as a massage therapy. The methods used to attend to addiction through homeopathic medicine include:

Avena Sativa

This is one of the most power drug detoxifiers and is made using oat plants. In homeopathy, heroin, opium, marijuana, cocaine, morphine and many other kinds of drug addictions are detoxified using this method. The aftereffects or the discomforts during the process of detoxification are also reduced through the use of Avena Sativa. It has the properties to calm the nervous system which has been rigorously affected due to chronic use of morphine and other drugs of that kind.

Natrum Mur

Homeopathy is the miraculous technique of using simple ingredients and substances to increase their usability and potential to rid one of diseases and illnesses. Natrum Mur has the properties to increase blood cell production, albumin and regulation of cells. People who have been addicted to alcohol for a long time or have fallen victim to depression are usually detoxified and facilitated through Natrum Mur.


Arsenicum is derived from arsenic which itself is a chemical compound. It is usually found within metals and minerals like Sulphur. Anyone dependent on alcohol for long periods can be detoxified using Arsenicum, especially if they have been diagnosed with anxiety as well.

The scientific affectivity of homeopathy in battling the addiction of drugs and alcohol has also been established in various studies. All of them show considerable positive results in the reduction of drug addiction after use of homeopathic therapies.

Deanna Reed shares the experience of her friend overcoming addiction through homeopathy when all other methods failed. People have also found it to be effective in easing anxiety and panic attacks.

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