plannerAre you a planner? Do start and end each day by perusing your calendar? Do you coordinate a week of menus with the local grocery store sale flyer? Have you ever set up a system to track your workout schedule and calories burned?

While you might not be as regimented as all that, most of us generally follow a regular routine to some degree. We know what to expect on most days. There is a certain comfort level with a routine. On the other hand, the security of that predictability can be disrupted by the unexpected event. Just as this spring’s weather has been unpredictable, al l the planning in the world cannot prepare you for one of these:

Slip and Fall . . . Car Accident . . . Sport Injury . . . You name it.

Any of these can cause pain and discomfort that will interrupt your normal schedule. We recommend Injury Massage to get you back to your regular activities. At Body Healing Power, a mixture of modalities is used to help injured tissues repair and even to help prevent injuries before they occur. Preventing an issue in the first place will help to keep your busy schedule on track. Injury Massage may include, but is not limited to deep tissue massage, various styles of stretching, range of motion work, and trigger point therapy. And to make it easier for you, auto insurance is accepted. We can also use homeopathic remedies to speed the rate of tissue healing. Because at Body Healing Power, we help your body heal itself naturally.