heartburnRelieve Heartburn with a Massage

That boiling sensation and acidic burning in the chest is something most of us feel quite often, heartburn. However, if this burning sensation is disturbing your daily routine, then it’s time you put away the over-the-counter medicines and seek professional help.

Medical treatment is essential; there should be no debate over that but, there are a number of other methods that you can try to relieve the pain and discomfort. Massage is one of the techniques through which you can substantially reduce heartburn.

How to Minimize Heartburn

While taking medicine can relieve a person from heartburn, you can simultaneously use other methods to reduce heartburn as well. Here is how some simple tips can help you:

Straighten Up!

Bending and laying down increases the burning sensation. So, you really have no better option than staying straight or elevating your head when you recline or lay down. When you do that, the digestive flow is aligned downwards due to the natural pull of gravity.

Be Careful about What You Eat!

Your eating habits and diets will make a huge difference. Avoid foods that can possibly increase the acid reflux. Acidic beverages, alcohol, spicy and oily food and mint can further irritate the stomach and increase the reflux of stomach acids. Even acidic juices should be avoided. Some food such as milk may provide timely or temporary relief but may ignite acid generation after a while.

Smoking? No!

Smoking is one of the most leading triggers of heartburn. Nicotine increases stomach activity and decreases the functioning of the Lower Esophageal sphincter. This upsets the acid generation and causes acid reflux.


Massage basically reduces the pressure on the body by stimulating the cells. In the case of heartburn, the pressure on the lower abdomen is released. Also, if your body is under stress, the chance of acid reflux is higher. Massage and other relaxing therapies reduce the stress on the body and decrease the chances and frequency of heartburn.

Self-Massage Techniques.

You can consult a physician or a practitioner but a lot of people try self-massage techniques to get some relief. There are many techniques that can be tried. Here, we are sharing the easiest one with you;xiphoid

  • Have a look at the image above and locate the tip of your own Xiphoid Process.
  • Once you identify the tip, press it with your finger using only the fleshy part.
  • Keep the tip of your finger on the tip of the Xiphoid Process.
  • This procedure should be repeated a few times.
  • After a while, you will burp.
  • This is supposed to give you relief and reduce the acidic fluid that is causing so much irritation.
  • In the case of not burping, you can try out a number of other options listed below.



The Shiatsu massage is very helpful to relax the nervous system. It is also effective in easing stomach churns and reducing acid production. Since the nervous system relaxes as a result of employing this technique, the body is distressed which in turn, reduces the generation of stomach acid that causes acid reflux. The various pressure points in the liver, stomach, pericardium and other additional points become relaxed, reducing acid reflux. You can also try other massages and relaxing techniques as well. Acupressure is also used to relieve heartburn and bring about effective results. The different pressure points relieve the body from stress and facilitate in digestion which consequently reduces heartburn. Acupuncture has also been a source of relief for several people through serious cases of stress and depression.

Being relieved of stress and depression can have positive effects on heartburn as well. A number of researches conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health also support the effectiveness of employing massage therapy for relieving heartburn.

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