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Why do we want the things that aren’t good for us?
Sugar, alcohol, relationships, social media.  Overindulgence at many levels.  We try to stop, but just like we rebelled against authority when we were young, our minds rebel against the restrictions we attempt to put on those foods we crave. Why can’t we control cravings? There …
Pictures Never do Nature Justice
No matter how hard I try to take pictures that capture the beauty and energy of my travels, and no matter how beautiful the area, I can't seem to do it. Pictures don’t pick up on the subtle nuances, the play of colors, the reflections …
SEX! (Now What Are You Thinking?)
Sex.  The word alone brings up different images, ideas, and belief systems for everyone. Perhaps you are singing a George Michael song in your head now.  Or maybe you are thinking about playfulness, connection, and love.  Others are thinking of embarrassment, shame, religion, trauma, or …
The Little Things Add Up
Golden Canyon, Death Valley I explored Death Valley National Park Thursday.  I was high-energy, motivated, and feeling playful.  After a longer hike in the morning I had plenty of energy left, so kept exploring.  With the sun high in the sky, rock music playing on …

Online Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) classes! 

One study showed EFT tapping (a.k.a Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT) to decrease the stress hormone cortisol by 37%. When cortisol is lower, you are less in a fight and flight state. Thus, EFT tapping increased sigA antibodies 113% in the same study. EFT tapping research shows it can decrease anxiety by 40% and to increase happiness by 31%. 

How can EFT help me find peace and calm?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (a.k.a EFT or tapping) helps regulate the nervous system by calming the amygdala. The amygdala in the brain regulates emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation. Using tapping can help neutralize emotional triggers so you can approach situations with clarity, calm, courage, confidence, and choice.  

Emotional Freedom Techniques (a.k.a EFT or Tapping) Classes

Due to the high amount of people experiencing heightened emotions such as  fear and uncertainty around isolation, illness, finances, and the future, I am offering monthly online EFT classes.  Learn tapping for yourself! You can use EFT tapping to find happiness. More EFT tapping classes are being added all the time.  Please register via Eventbrite to receive login details

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If you are ready for an appointment, or are interested in scheduling a free Health & Healing Strategy Session, you can contact me via WhatsApp, text, or phone at +1.651.401.6131, schedule directly here, or email me from my contact page.

The Touch Crisis

My new book, The Touch Crisis, is available here on Amazon!  If you wish to be informed the upcoming classes, workshops, and retreats to facilitate better touch and touch boundaries in your life, please sign up for the newsletter HERE. Or, see them yourself here.

I’d love to interview YOU!

Would you like to be interviewed/have input on how you think people can re-incorporate healthy touch & physical contact in their own social and community spaces?  Do you have stories to share about touch and how it can be healthy and healing?  I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me HERE and we will set up a personal time to talk.  Or, just schedule yourself HERE. Thank you!

Dawn’s Mission

I believe people want to feel connected to themselves, each other, and their communities. My mission is to help you create authentic connection. First, I offer classes to help you build your ideal relationships personally and professionally. Second, I offer emotional freedom training and services to free you from your past so you can communicate with clarity and compassion. Third, I speak at and coordinate events and retreats that help individuals heal, create felt-trust, and overcome obstacles—both personally and professionally—so individuals can move forward with clarity, confidence, and joy. 

Dawn’s Vision

To have a positive impact on the quality of communication and physical contact in over a million lives.

True healing is the willingness to treat yourself and others better than the past ever did.
– Matt Kahn

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